About Health Smart

Hafa Adai!

One year ago, we re-launched the Health Smart program with the goal to build a healthier, happier community. Since then, we highlighted over 300 products under Health Smart, added Dietitian-approved checkmarks to our weekly ads, completed 46 store tours and 6 cooking demos, and partnered with 10 gyms to offer fitness rewards to nearly 250 Health Smart participants. In so many ways, we aim to make the smart choice an easier choice.

Whether 2017 is your year to get started, to get back on track, or to raise the bar, we invite you to discover what Health Smart can do for you:

  • Shop smarter with Health Smart products that are lower in sodium and added sugar, packed with nutrients, and made with quality ingredients
  • Navigate the aisles through a shopping tour that teaches simple swap outs, healthy tips, and how to read the nutrition label
  • Get cooking at the Pay-Less EduKitchen and add practical, delicious recipes to your collection
  • Stay active with our annual Kick the Fat 5k and various fitness rewards from our gym partners
  • Follow us on Facebook or YouTube, and check our website for program updates and reliable information on food and health

Get happy with Health Smart!


Download the 2017 Health Smart Guidebook

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